Great full function table!  This Hill Airflex workhorse allows a wide variety of treatment techniques.  It is excellent for Diversified adjusting, lumbar AND cervical flexion distraction, full drop table technique, and soft tissue work.  It includes air drops on the pelvic and lumbar section, as well as a manual cervical drop that can be set straight down for toggle techniques, or down at 45 degrees.  This flexion distraction table elevates 22-29″, and is equipped with two bilateral side-mounted rocker pedals.  The superior pedal controls Autotouch elevation, and the inferior switches between flexion air balancing, long axis distraction, and air drops. The selector switch allows use of both the lumbar and pelvic drops simultaneously or independently.  Autotouch elevation allows the table to rise or drop to the full range of motion with a tap on the pedal, instead of having to hold it.  This enables you to continue working on or positioning the patient while the table elevates.  Includes large tiller bar for caudal section, and small tiller bar with ergonomic ball grip for cervical section. $4995 or best offer.   Delivery possible within an hour of Manchester, NH.

Contact Info:

Steve Baroody, D.C.,, 603-203-3185.